Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth  Cady Stanton


1st Generation:

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

(b. November 12, 1815 d. October 26, 1902)

  • Parents
  • Daniel Cady (1773-1859)
  • Margaret Livingston Cady (1785-1871)

Graduated from Johnstown Academy

1830      Attended Troy Female Seminary, Troy, NY, founded by Emma Willard

1840      Married Henry Brewster Stanton, whom she had met through their mutual interests in the abolition movement

  • Children
  • Daniel Cady Stanton (1842-1891)
  • Henry Brewster Stanton, Jr. (1844-1903)
  • Gerrit Smith Stanton (1845-1927)
  • Theodore Weld Stanton (1851-1925)
  • Margaret Livingston Stanton Lawrence (1852-1930)
  • Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch (1856-1940)
  • Robert Livingston Stanton (1859-1920)

2nd Generation:

Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch

(b. January 20, 1856 d. November 20, 1940)

1878      Graduated from Vassar College with a degree in mathematics

Achieved Masters degree from Vassar

1881      Worked with her mother and Susan B Anthony on 2nd volume of History of Woman Suffrage

1882      Married William Henry Blatch

  • Moved to England- two decades of work in progressive movements
  • Children
  • Nora, b. 1883
  • Helen, who died at age 4 years old

1902      Returned to USA- launched into women’s rights and suffrage causes

1907      Founded the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women

Founded and led Woman’s Political Union

1910      Organized and led the New York Suffrage Parade

1913-1915          Led Votes for Women referendum campaign in New York State

1916      Cofounded the National Women’s Party

1918      Wrote Mobilizing Woman Power that provided a feminist view of equal work for women during WWI

1920      Wrote A Woman’s Point of View

1920      Joined National Woman’s Party and worked on behalf of the League of Nations

1940      Published memoir Challenging Years


3rd Generation:

Nora Stanton Blatch De Forest Barney

(b. September 30, 1883 d. January 18, 1971)

1905      Graduated from Cornell University, first woman in university’s history to earn degree in civil engineering

Occupation: civil engineer, architect, real-estate developer and political activist

1908 Married Lee De Forest, Inventor

  • Children

1911      Divorced Lee De Forest

1917      Married Morgan Barney, MIT naval architect

  • Children
  • Rhoda Barney Jenkins, b. 1920
  • John Barney


4th Generation:

Rhoda Barney Jenkins

(b. July 12, 1920 d. August 25, 2007)

1941      Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in architecture

Occupation: architect and political activist

Please google “Rhoda Barney Jenkins” obituary

  • Children
  • Morgan Jenkins, b. 1949
  • Coline Jenkins, b. 1951


5th Generation:

Coline Jenkins

(b. 1951)

Legislator, and President of Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust

  • Children
  • Elizabeth Jenkins-Sahlin, b. 1984
  • Eric Jenkins-Sahlin, b. 1987