Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust

If you wish to purchase images of items from the collection, please contact the Trust:

Publishers & Authors: (203) 637-5872

General Public: (502) 819-2537


"The collection consists of more than 3,000 items, including U.S and British women’s rights documents, letters, photographs, postcards, buttons, banners, clothing, and other political artifacts. The strength of the collection lies in its three dimensional materials."

Chris HearnPast President of the American Political Items Collectors, who appraised the collection.

This is one of the best collections of woman suffrage that I have seen as I have traveled throughout the country. A unique record like this makes history come alive and makes it look like what it actually was-one of the two most important movements for civil and political rights in the 20th century. The women’s suffrage drive gave an extension of democratic freedom - the most extensive bestowl of democratic freedom in the history of our nation.”

Edith MayoCurator Emeritus of Political History, The Museum of American History, Smithsonian